Who caught the goat?

Who caught the goat?

Dear Friends,

“Not for us, O Eternal One;

this glory is not for us – but for Your name

because of Your loyal love and truth.”

Psalm 115:  The Voice

“Who caught the goat?”  This was the main question arising from the dream. As I awoke I remembered the details well: the goat escaped the handlers and the runaway was making a straight path right towards me.  Even though I was dressed up I didn’t hesitate to move resolutely right into its path.  With my one risky yet solid embrace thegoat was stopped in its tracks. The handlers were excited!  With joy they came running to secure the goat.  They pulled out their camera to take a picture of the “rescue” so the owner would know just how wonderful the brave and timely interventionhad been.  There was only one problem.  They called my “friend” (who suddenly appeared into the scene from somewhere) and put the goat‘s tether line in his hand and aimed their camera.  I was openly upset!  Loudly I protested:  “But, who caught the goat?!!!!!

Except for that closing scene it would have been easy to dismiss the dream. However, as I awoke, that closing scenario lingered and so did the realization that the Lord had given that dream.  He was exposing my heart and revealing His! The inequity of being passed by and having the praise go to another was clearly on display. I had felt the sting of resentment toward  the goat-handlers who clearly knew that I was the one who had bravely done the deed.  And, anger and frustration arose when my own “friend” received their enthusiastic “applause” and took the spotlight for something I had accomplished. Yes, my heart was being clearly exposed.  No rational thought of how often my friend has faithfully worked behind the scenes and “deserved” a moment of recognition would cancel the resentment that I had done the deed but someone else was getting the glory!

And, where did that dream come from?  Likely this foundational kingdom principle was being stirred by the Lord as a result of my current reading of the amazing, self-less ministry of Barnabas to the newly converted Saul. Barnabas had already befriended the once fierce persecutor of the Church who was aflame with the transforming power of the Lord from that Damascus Road encounter.  Now Barnabas goes to Tarsus, retrieves Saul, and brings him to the revival scene in Antioch. (Acts 11:22-26).  There Barnabas, this man of encouragement, shares the platform with Saul for a very productive year.  It is to be noted that when the names are listed, Barnabas’s name always comes first.  This is a common way in scripture to denote the prominent one. However, by the time the two are on their first joint ministry tour, the names are reversed.  “Paul” now replaces the name “Saul” and it is “Paul and Barnabas”.  Years ago I heard it said, “There could be more done for the Lord’s glory if we didn’t care who got the glory for what was done.”  As a result of my dream I can say a huge “amen”!  The goal is the “goat“, not the acclaim and celebration!  Rise up within me, O Barnabas-nature, so that His work is accomplished and others are brought forward in their gifting and ministry!  Who caught the goat?  That is not the issue at !  The issue is His glory and the advance of His kingdom!

With rejoicing,


Rev. Peggy I. Kennedy


“Sounding a prophetic voice to Canada and beyond…”