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Hear The Sound: Connecting by Heart with Our Living Lord



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Across the nations there is a new desire being awakened to know what He is saying…to be guided by His voice…and to walk in His revealed ways! There is an ever-increasing company of those who insist on authenticity in the prophetic ministry. This same growing number are committed to the written Word of God as the final authority in all things and yet they yearn to hear the sound of His “now” word.
To be hearing the voice of God is to be connected! Out of that dynamic connection comes the confirmation of our identity in Him.
Come close. Listen well! Draw near to Him. Hear His heart! Hearing is directly related to faith. Faith is directly related to seeing the activity of the Lord among us.
Blessed are those who hear the sound…

“When Hear the Sound lands in my inbox, it is like receiving a letter from ‘home.’ I know it speaks God’s truth, and so very often speaks directly to me…directly to where I am at that particular time or what I am dealing with spiritually. I appreciate your spiritual insights.” —M.T., from Tow Law, England

Author Bio: Jack and Peggy Kennedy are best described by the “two silver trumpets” presented in Numbers 10. The “sound” of these trumpets is for movement of the camp, for leadership communications, for celebration, and for signalling divine help in times of war. Their ministry is all about the “sound of His voice,” as presented in the preached word, in the written word, or in the prophetic encouragements first sent by email and now presented in this volume! Theirs is a prophetic voice to Canada and beyond.