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“It’s time to sound the Two Silver Trumpets!”  That was the signal at the opening of 2009 that has resulted in Jack and Peggy Kennedy rising afresh to release the Word of the Lord!

The ministry name, “Two Silver Trumpets” was initially given to the Kennedy’s in 1997 from Numbers 10.  They are certainly no strangers to either the pulpit, the open roadways crisscrossing Canada, the airport, or ‘the nations’!  However, there is something stirring afresh from the Spirit of the Lord to call forth a sound right now that will prophetically signal the people of the Lord that it is time to “move the camp”!

There are four times that the trumpets are to sound to express the Lord’s direction among His people as stated in Numbers 10:  (1) to call leadership together; (2) to call the entire assembly of the people together to move to a new destination; (3) to release divine victory to the people in the time of war; (4)  to gather the people for celebration in their unique relationship with their God!

This now season is definitely a “fit” for those strategic “sounds” from the Two Silver Trumpets…both here in Canada and across the nations of the world.

The Two Silver Trumpets will be sounded in seasoned, familiar ways as well as in brand new formats in order to bring the Word of the Lord into this hour. The preaching of the Word, the leadership training settings, prophectic ministry seminars, the CD’s of signature messages which the Kennedy’s carry (Peggy has been described as a “spoken word artist”!), and the frequent email  bi-weekly ‘sends’, Hear the Sound, will carry the “now” word of the Lord.  The prophetic word, released under the anointing of the Spirit both announces and activates!

The last 4 years have brought an activating of Peggy’s pen as a “ready writer” with the completion of three books: A is for Apple ~Daily Delights in the Song of Songs, Hear the Sound, and Chosen ~ Conversations of God with His Mighty Warrior. A is for Apple and Chosen have also been printed and distributed in Asia. Breaking news: Chosen is now available in Spanish! You can order Elegido and all of the books on our resource page. Peggy has also been a contributor to the book Canada-Book of Decrees and Prophecies.

Whether it’s the pulpit of a large, multi-national church in Toronto, a prayer meeting in their home church, the prophetic word being delivered in places large and small across Canada, a teaching time with leaders, or a conference which gathers the Lord’s people together with an “ear to hear”, the Kennedy’s are right at home!  And, the word of the Lord speaking about “nations and now” indicates that their passports are about to be stamped with the Lord’s assignments!


It’s time to sound the Two Silver Trumpets!  Numbers 10 declares that they bring a signal for “now” and for the generations to come!  The Kennedy’s are privileged to walk with the younger generation in this amazing hour of the Lord’s purposes!  And, don’t miss the promise in Numbers 10 of what the Lord intends as the trumpet sounds and the camp moves forward:  “We are setting out for the place about which the Lord said, “I will give it to you.”!  He is calling forth this sound because as followers of Jesus we are being called into our inheritance!


[You can contact the Kennedy’s for ministry at:  kennedy@TwoSilverTrumpets.ca or by calling:  647.220.8777]


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